Around here…

As I mentioned, I’m new to the blogosphere. It’s just so vast that it’s easy to lose yourself… minutes quickly turned to hours as one link leads to another and another. I’ve discovered a few blogs which are habit-forming. As in I tend to check for updates everyday (sometimes twice when work is particularly mundane). I’ve also read a few articles about what makes a ‘good’ blog… whatever that means. It’s a bit like art, isn’t it? Some art ‘speaks to’ a wider audience than others but really it’s subjective as to what makes ‘good’ art… Anyway, I digress. A lot of the blogs I’ve seen incorporate the odd ‘around here’ post, to allow the reader a glimpse of the author’s life. A lot of the articles I’ve read also seem to suggest this can be a good thing – to keep it personal, relevant.

The problem is – or maybe it’s not a problem – that there is a tendency to just show the glossy bits. The adorable / beautiful / idealised details that create the impression that our lives are (my life is) perfect. Far from it. On the otherhand, you don’t really want to see the sicked-up hairball that greeted us on Saturday morning, or the grimy ring around our bathtub that I was forced to clean before indulging in my first bubble bath since the cold weather descended.


A few pleasantries from around here.

We put out some autumnal decorations, including a pumpkin which will most likely never become a jack-o-lantern. I think they are much cheerier without a toothy, menacing grin carved into their flesh, don’t you?. The star of the show is this Molton Brown candle – what a feast. We were first introduced to the delicious ‘Firefly and embers’ scent by our wedding photographers – they had it burning in their beyond cozy living room… we loved it. The first and only purchse we’ve agreed on since becoming a Mr & Mrs.

The rest of our autumnal decor arranged on our faux mantle.

Sam’s paw – the perfect subject for playing about with focal lengths learning how to focus on one area of the shot while ‘blurring out’ the rest (check my lack of technical language!) He makes a rather fetching, if dozey model.

Cozy, cozy. He likes the candle too.

That’s all for now… getting caught up after a computer malfunction, which may or may not have precipitated the decision to buy invest in a Macbook Pro. A blogger’s dream… stay tuned.


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