Pumpkin Love

If you haven’t guessed already, fall, sorry autumn is my favourite time of year. Must be harking back to the old days of football/marching band season and growing up in San Diego where a break from the hot weather was actually a welcome relief (imagine!).

This craft project pays perfect homage to the season. I first came across it here and thought it would make a perfect hostess gift for our friends Vanessa and Nick who had us for round for Thanksgiving dinner (post on that to follow).

To make your very own book page pumpkin, you will need:

– An old paperback book (that you don’t mind cutting up)

– A glue gun

– Scissors and card stock

– Orange spay paint

– A twig

– green ribbon

Ready, set, PUMPKIN!

I chose a Sherlock Holmes book because it seemed about the right thickness (150 pages) and it’s quite fitting for a Halloween(ish) decoration.

Step 1: Make a template. I drew a pumpkin shape onto light-weight cardstock. Cut it out, fold it in half and trim the other side to make it symmetrical.

Step 2: Peel the cover off of your book (it should tear right off) and line up the crease of your pumpkin template with the spine of your book pages. Trace around the half pumpkin shape and begin to cut the book pages.

Step 3:  Continue to trace around your previously cut pages. Hint – cut just inside the line to avoid your pumpkin growing bigger and bigger. I cut 5-6 pages at a time and found that was a nice amount. You might need finer scissors and/or an exacto knife to get right into the spine of the book. I used regular old scissors and it worked fine, though.

Step 4: Obtain a twig. I happened upon the perfect branch right outside our front door, but it required trimming. Hubby obliged – and proceeded to saw the branch on our dining room table! After a stern (but loving) chastising, he chose a slightly more appropriate surface to saw on – his own tool box. Your twig should be as long as the height of your pumpkin plus 1-2 inches for a stalk.

Step 5: Glue the twig to the spine of your book using hot glue gun. Then wrap the first and last pages of the book around the twig, line up the edges and glue the pages together as close to the spine/twig as possible.

Step 6: Continue to pull the pages around and glue together – you might play around with this but I found glueing close to the spine worked best. If you glue towards the edge of the pages, they don’t ‘fluff out’ as well. It’s not a science, just keep glueing until you are happy with your pumpkin shape. It takes longer/more glue than you think. I glued every 3-4 pages together. (Forgot to take a picture of this step, mainly because my fingers were covered in glue).

Step 7: Cover stem in cling film in preparation for spray painting.

Step 8: Spray paint pumpkin. Aim for a light mist on the edge of the pages – so that the inside of the pumpkin retains a lovely eggshell ‘book page’ colour. Hint – wear rubber gloves! I picked up my pumpkin to spray paint the under side and ended up with orange hands… two hours before a dinner party… my husband said I fit right in with the orange fake-tan look that’s popular in Scotland but that wasn’t really what I was going for! Also remember to put a plastic table-cloth down to protect your furniture… and open a window for ventilation! Otherwise you and your cats will be high as a kite!

Step 9: Once your pumpkin has dried, tie a fetching green ribbon around the stalk to finish it off. So cute!

I made two and kept one for our house! Pleased with the way they turned out.


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