Baby, you’re the one

A few weeks ago (once again grossly behind with my blogging) I threw a baby shower for my good friend Vanessa. Apart from the obvious wanting to wish her well in preparing for and welcoming her new babe, I knew that it would appease my desire to plan something… to fill the small wedding-shaped hole left in my schedule.

It was the rainiest of days which quelched any plans for Pimms in the garden, but we made the most of it by gathering in Linda’s (Vanessa’s mother in law) beautiful living room. Perfect for chatting, playing a few games and supping Champagne. We played  ‘guess the bump size’ and ‘the price is right’ with various baby related items. Hilariously, there were some new mums there who performed rather badly at both.

The catering was AMAZE! Linda put on quite a spread including prawn cocktail, bruschetta, and spanish chicken with roast veg and garlic sauce. I brought a broccoli salad and these turkey & goats cheese wraps.

Vanessa & Nick are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise so I went with a gender neutral colour (which also also happens to be my current fave) seafoam green.

Photo creds:

1. Ikea plant pots tied with seafoam ribbon with a couple of hydrangea blossoms = easy affordable decor. I printed a Welcome sign on light pink cardstock and put it in the frame we used for the Guest Book table at our wedding.

2. I made a banner by creating large striped seafoam triangles in Word and printing on white card stock. I attached them to ribbon using double sided tape and secured with close pegs to introduce a subtle baby element! I also brought fun paper straws in a seafoam chevron pattern and napkins to match. Unfortunately I cannot lay claim to the gorgeous silver Champagne bucket.

3. Some of the lovely guests, including Kerry (right) who came up from London for the celebration. I first met Kerry on Vanessa’s hen weekend when she was 7 months pregnant – she was glowing then and even more so now (aided only slightly by the steady supply of bubbles on offer!)

4. Teddy wearing a seafoam bow tie was my gift for the new arrival. Nick and Vanessa relocated from Glasgow to Toronto a mere 3 weeks after the shower so gifts (especially bulky ones) were a no-go. But I couldn’t resist this classic bear who is  Plus, the invitation that I knocked up in Word had a Teddy on it too – another subtle homage to baby without going overboard.

5. The gorgeous mum-t0-be opening gifts. Ok, so a few people broke the no-gift rule but it’s so hard to resist beautiful baby things…

6. I had planned to bring cupcakes but as a last minute addition brought on by my own massive craving, I knocked up some rice krispie treats. Pink, star-shaped ones of course.

7. Lovely ladies – glamorous grandma to be in coral.

8. Homemade cakes. I printed mini pennants with a B for Baby Barratt and attached them to toothpicks with double-sided tape. I sourced the cupcake holders here – unfortunately butter from the butter cream frosting soaked in and discoloured them a bit but they tasted good!

9. The sheer awe on this little one’s face when she got to play with the balloons was (almost) enough to sway me.



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