Some of the Whole


Instagram and I are becoming friendly. We are somewhere between strangers and BFFs, progressing toward the latter. I would love to do a regular Instagram update post – however I haven’t yet mastered the art of turning the ordinary into little 2×2 inch gems. I was going to say it’s because my life is too boring, repetitive, routine, unglamorous, whatever you want to call it. But that’s precisely the beauty of Instagram – it encourages you to capture life’s details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

So here’s my Instagram update for May/June… interspersed with a few non-Instagram pics (another detail about me – I cheat sometimes).

1. Hubby making me a cup of tea in what has become something of an evening ritual.
2. The church I was Christened in, apparently (Helensburgh).
3. My lovely, peach-y, Delilah.
4. Hubby rocking a kilt on the way to a wedding.
5. Beers in princes gardens on a sunny Friday evening.
6. Tea and peanut butter Ben n Jerry’s ice cream.
7. Me (aka copilot) on the way to a wedding. You can’t really see it, but I’m wearing the fascinator pictured here.
8. Impromptu pipe band procession on a blustery day in Helensburgh.
9. Champagne and sunshine are the perfect wedding combo.
10. Sam watching birds out t’window.
11. We happened to be driving by and there were no queues so… I’d like to say we ate one there and saved the other for later but you and I both know that’s not true.
12. Brodie, the second most handsome boy in my life (next to Sam of course).
13. Finally got around to sorting out some framed wedding photos to dot around the flat… They pretty much cover every surface.
14. Mum on a bus.
15. Saturday night in. Watching Big Brother. That’s how you know it’s summer in Scotland – the weather sure doesn’t give it away.


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