BEDN – Ten things

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I came across this challenge to blog every day in November (#BEDN for those who love hashtags. My love affair ended with this hilarious video). I am late to the party and will definitely 100% not turn up every day in November seeing as I will be away at least 5 days with work… but I love the idea.

I also love to digress, apparently. On with my ten things post.

My Christmas Bucket List

1. Make my own Christmas cards (again).

2. Find an excellent Christmas playlist on Spotify, or better yet make one.

3. Visit the Dome in all its festive glory.

4. Attend a carol service.

5. Do something charitable.

6. Make a pot of mulled wine to simmer on the stove.

7. Present-wrapping session while watching a Christmas classic (Home Alone, Elf, The Santa Clause)

8. Watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas with dear husband snuggled under a blanket with hot chocolate.

9. Christmas photo project (read cats wrapped in fairy lights wearing santa hats).

10. Enjoy our first Christmas with D’s family and mine celebrating together (naw).


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